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HIME BIO INC Introduction

    HIME is invested by NEXTEYE, a listed company . It is a biotechnology research and development company based in the United States and owns a team of scientists led by Professor HONGBINZHANG, a Harvard Medical Doctor. Relying on affiliated companies’ global complete industrial supply chain, breakthrough authoritative scientific research results, and innovative marketing models. With strong values and integrity, it is a dynamic enterprise that is more creative and leads the potential value of the health industry in the 21st century among biological R&D companies.

    HIME takes the improvement of human health and quality of life as its goal, and adheres to the concept of "saving sustainable health and beauty". On the one hand, it is product-oriented: it perfectly combines the essence of nature and advanced technology to provide the public with real results, excellence products and services with the best experience; on the other hand, it is customer-centric: in-depth global resource sharing and integration, build a growth platform for everyone who desires success, and provide opportunities to achieve life goals.

    HIME always walks with people who love life and are willing to change, enjoy a healthy and vigorous quality life together, and influence the world in a healthy way!

 Our mission

Explore life technology and share a healthy life

The world is infinitely beautiful because of us

Our vision

Leading the world's top healthy lifestyle

Build the world's most respected and successful brand


 Core value

Continuous innovation, integrity management

Revolutionary marketing, centripetal cohesion


Technical advantages 

 Authoritative scientific research results

Professor HONGBINZHANG, MD, Harvard University, combined with many world-renowned experts and professors, created the "scientific research" results which has the world's top anti-aging patented product RENEAKG, a milestone anti-aging product, has great potential in the field of anti-aging and can bring to mankind Broader and breakthrough health benefits.


 Top biological performance

Intelligent sustained-release type with the highest purity RENEAKG, the highest bioavailability and highest absorption rate; effectively restore and preserve the integrity of the DNA structure; promote the elimination of senescent cells, eliminate the traces of cell aging from the inside out; maintain the health of the immune system, Supports detoxification of cells; reduces inflammation in the body related to aging; promotes the metabolism of blood sugar and fat in the body, supports and promotes healthy brain cognitive function.


 International safety certification

All ingredients have passed professional high-tech testing to ensure product purity and safety, and the products have passed the US NSF and FDA GMP certification. All the research and development, formula and manufacturing is from American.


 Top production technology

The tablets with the highest purity and the best ratio of the production process can provide excellent absorption rate. The special proprietary formula technology can effectively protect the ingredients from being destroyed in the stomach and greatly increase their circulation time in the blood without being filtered by the liver.


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