One of the favorite brands of stars from all over the world

The beauty products manufactured by NEXTEYE, the investor of HIME, are loved and respected by celebrities from all over the world, which is a strong guarantee for the quality of HIME Group products.


NEXTEYE's mask brand FHD is popular in Korea and China, and has become one of the favorite brands of Korean and Chinese stars. Korean superstar Rain endorsed NEXTEYE's mask brand FHD, and the on-site signing in Seoul will have close contact with FHD consumers. Korean star Han Chae-young visited the FHD production workshop and personally experienced the exquisite manufacturing process of FHD. Korean star Hwang Chi-yeol visited FHD Seoul Lotte Duty Free Store to introduce his experience to consumers.


FHD has also become a must-have for daily care of Chinese stars. Babeer showed the effect of using it to fans of Xiaohongshu. The famous host Li Weijia not only recommended FHD to women who love beauty, but also personally came to the Lotte Duty Free Shop in Seoul.


The VN sunscreen under NEXTEYE has won a lot of star fans because of its beauty and quality. Korean star Han Chaeyoung visited VN sunscreen in Lotte Duty Free in Seoul. The famous host Li Xiang came to the VN sunscreen China Hangzhou conference site, Cecilia Cheung, Dong Xuan, Jike Junyi Xiaohongshu strongly recommended.