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HIME is a high-tech enterprise oriented by research and development of health biotechnology.

Core Technologies

HIME is committed to finding the mechanism of human aging through scientific and technological innovation.

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Anti-Aging “Milestone”

The world's first nano-mask technology. The effect exceeds the course of "Intradermal Injection" treatment.

Light Medical Beauty Products

Research and development by Harvard MD team. The latest anti-aging ingredients.

Eye Care Specialist

The only one obtained The Singapore government subsidizes every citizen to participate in the “ EYE DIVINE” course.

3 Unique Core Technologies in the World

HIME brings together a team of scientists from the United States, South Korea and Singapore to jointly develop Anti-aging, Eye Care and Light medical beauty products, which are original and represent the world's latest health bio-technology.
HIME's eye care and beauty products are all produced by factories invested by listed companies, with quality control and definitely non- OEM. We guarantee that the product is environmentally friendly, pure plant, and without additives.

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