Our Story

HIME, headquartered in Nevada, USA, is invested by NEXTEYE, a well-known listed company, and is a high-tech enterprise oriented by research and development of health biotechnology. HIME is composed of famous scientists from the United States and scientists from South Korea and Singapore. HIME also has offices and operation teams in South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia. Our goal is improving human health and life quality, HIME perfectly combines the essence of nature and advanced biotechnology to provide people with products and services that are truly effective and first-rate experience.
With our global team’s effort, HIME has developed a product with anti-aging "milestone" significance - GENEAKG, the world's first technology- light medical beauty product - HUITI, which weaves the nutrients of seaweed into facial mask through nanotechnology.
Eye care project – EYE DIVINE is the only project funded by the Singapore government. Every citizen who attends the EYE DIVINE course can receive government subsidy of US $500.
In order to make breakthroughs in authoritative scientific research achievements and form global hot products. HIME will carry out online sales of 200 million members through 40000 terminal retail stores of the listed company NEXTEYE in the world. At the same time, HIME has developed the "HIME Global Cross-border E-commerce System Platform" to deepen global resource sharing and integration, build a growth platform for everyone eager to succeed, and provide opportunities to achieve their goals in life.
HIME always walks with people who love life and are willing to change, enjoy a healthy and energetic quality of life together, and healthily influence the world!

Our Mission

Leading life science and technology, creating a healthy life. Provide continuous energy for human health and longevity.

Our Vision

Leading a high-quality healthy lifestyle. Build the most influential brand in the industry.

Core Value

Based on integrity, far innovation. Achievement value, win-win with one heart