HIME technoloy - Anti aging IEONA GeneAKG

Immortality is everyone's innate desire, and anti-aging has always been a hot spot in the field of life research worldwide. The aging of the human body is not only skin aging, but also the aging of body tissues, organs and cells, which will cause a series of diseases, such as: high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, etc., seriously affecting normal life.
HIME International is committed to finding the mechanism of human aging, and through scientific and technological innovation to reverse the circadian hour hand, prevent and alleviate the health problems caused by aging, and achieve the goal of improving the quality of human life.
Now, the "longevity medicine" that has attracted the attention of the world has made a breakthrough! The world's first, with a team of scientists led by Harvard Dr. Hongbing Zhang as the core of technology, 100% American research and development, American formula, a new generation of anti-aging products made in the United States, IEONA GeneAKG!

The world's first, anti-aging milestone IEONA GeneAKG

Reversing the biological age of humans is not a dream

The newest product GeneAKG, surpasses NMN and is comparable to Tang Monk’s meat

Backed by more than 1,200 published scientific studies and esteemed by the world's top scientists, the latest antiaging product GeneAKG was developed at Hime Biotechnology’s R&D center in the U.S. after a multi-year collaboration with many world-renowned experts and professors. The patented formula will be officially launched soon. GeneAKG has been studied by clinical observation at Hime Biotechnology’s medical center, providing abundant evidence for its significant anti-aging activity and benefits for many chronic diseases. The existing body of research supports this formula’s tremendous potential in the anti-aging area, with the exciting possibility of bringing about comprehensive, breakthrough health benefits in people.

The following is a summary of some of the impressive experimental findings from animal studies.


IEONA GeneAKG Women's Formula


IEONA GeneAKG Men's Formula


HIME Technology - Light Medical Beauty HUITI

It is natural for women to love beauty, there is no age limit that women of any age pursue beauty. Traditional medical beauty requires knives and needles, and there are certain dangers. The emergence of light medical beauty effectively avoids this risk.
HIME light medical beauty has the advantages of convenience, speed, low risk and short repair period. It can be solved safely, effectively and quickly for aging, wrinkles, enlarged pores, dehydration and dryness, damaged barrier, redness and inflammation of the face, and achieve the effect of "medical plastic surgery" and rebuild beauty confidence.
HUITI The series advocates the combination of naturalism and technology, and the light medical beauty R&D team reinterprets Korean ingredients through modern advanced technology, inherits thousands of years of vanilla, restores the vitality of Korean energy, nourishes new skin with oriental wisdom, and multiplies the power of nature and technology to awaken the second life of the skin. Medical-Level technology products provide maximum safety, convenience and effectiveness to restore healthy and beautiful skin.

The world's first nano-mask technology

HUITI Seaweed Collagen Revitalizing Facial Mask
High-tech low-temperature precipitation technology,Extract polysaccharides and various types of marine organisms such as rare brown algae and macroalgae. A new type of fiber dressing made of vitamins and marine collagen.
NO flavors, colors, alcohol, mineral oil and preservatives are actively added to the formula
Nano-knitting technology the pinnacle of the mask industry
When the fibrils are as small as 100 nanometers of collagen coating, they can dissolve more quickly when exposed to water.

The pinnacle of the mask industry

Nano-Knitting Technology
* 1000 times magnification under electron microscope
* 5000 times magnification under electron microscope
* 10000 times magnification under electron microscope
When the fibrils are as small as 100 nanometers of collagen coating, they can dissolve more quickly when exposed to water.
At the same time, the cobweb-like nano-scale woven layer maintains the necessary toughness in the dry film state without breaking, and the collagen is quickly absorbed by the skin after contact with water.

Young-looking Functional mask made by

Medical-grade patented FUTURISTICS-TECH,

the pinnacle of the mask world

The "Mesotherapy" effect can be achieved with one use

Pore vacuum cleaner,nano-level fine seaweed fibers penetrate deep into pores,absorb

heavy metals, pigments and dirt in the skin,lighten spots,brighten skin tone


Pure natural plant seaweed mask, NO Additives, NO Sensitivity, suitable for ANY skin! The world's first Nano-Mask Technology.

HIME Technology - Eye Divine

The No. 1 brand of eye care health
With the popularity of electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, the ultra-high rate of myopia, as well as eye sub-health problems such as eye fatigue and dry eyes, have become the norm. How to improve eye health is imminent. There are many people who need eye care, and the demand for eye care market is huge. WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that integrating eye care into national health plans and essential health care services is an important part of universal health coverage in every country

The EYE Divine Course is recognized by the Singapore Government as providing a cash subsidy of S$500 for each citizen who participates in the Eye Divine Course.

After 8 years of research, HIME scientists is committed to scientific and technological innovation and research and development, applying traditional Chinese medicine meridian theory and the five-round theory of Western medicine ophthalmology combined with modern science and technology, and has created the eye protection technology of "three links and three yang" of eye care, with professional tools and products, targeted prevention and improvement of students' myopia, dry eye syndrome of office workers, presbyopia, floaters, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye health problems in middle-aged and elderly people. Targeted to solve eye fatigue, itchy eyes, eye swelling, and other eye problems, while also improving eye bags, dark circles, eye wrinkles.
In addition, there are DIY products and tools for eye protection: multi-function eye protection device, anti-blue light serum, clear eye water, moxibustion pack, herbal steam eye mask. From the inside out, all-round effective eye care and improve eye health problems.

3 in 1 integrated“ Three-dimensional” eye protection system. 
The most professional and comprehensive way to improve and solve eye problems!

“3 Connecting Pathways, 3 Nourishing Supports” Eye Care Technology


Traditional Chinese medicine characteristic therapy, Brighten your "Vision"

Common Eye ”Symptom”

Eye Wellness Eye Aesthetics
Eye Fatigue & Stress
Eye Dryness
Eye Irritation
Eye bags
Dark Circles
Eye wrinkle