GeneAKG - Comparable to the Elixir of Life

It can not only delay aging but also significantly improve the following diseases and symptoms:
Pure plant extract fermented product, no side effects, 100% American research and development, 100% American formula
With more than 1,200 published scientific research reports, the latest anti-aging product GeneAKG, which is highly respected by the world's top scientists, has launched an official patent formula product after years of research by the US HIME Biotechnology R&D Center in conjunction with many world-renowned experts and professors.

How GeneAKG works on various parts of the body


GeneAKG - Safety & High Performance

High blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, sequelae of stroke, sequelae of COVID-19, insomnia & fatigue, memory loss, proteinuria & anuria, enlarged prostate, renal failure.

Intelligent sustained release

The highest purity IEONA GeneAKG, after 24 hours of sustained release, ensures that it will not be destroyed in the stomach, and will not be filtered by the liver while circulating in the blood, which greatly improves the absorption rate.
The product has passed the US NSF, FDA, GMP pharmaceutical factory certification.