A major breakthrough!HIME scientists discover new targets for liver cancer
treatment,The latest anti-cancer biologic is just around the corner



A few days ago, following the launch of the latest anti-aging substance GeneAKG, HIME biotechnology research and development has made another major breakthrough!


Prof. Hongbing zhang, CEO and chief scientist of HIME Biotechnology in the USA, discovered the role and mechanism of abnormal metabolism of liver cancer cells caused by gene mutation and proposed the direction of targeted therapy. This will not only benefit liver cancer patients, but also allow patients with tumors in other organs with the same gene mutation to achieve the same effect of treating different diseases with the same treatment, bringing more hope for the precise treatment of cancer.


This major biological science discovery quickly caused international sensation and media attention, and the world's top scientific journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" published a detailed report on its research.




PNAS  is an international scientific and technological journal sponsored by the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and is as famous as "Nature" and "Science".

One of the most cited comprehensive academic literature. Providing high-level reports and publications of cutting-edge research reports, academic reviews, disciplinary reviews and foresight, academic papers, and academic developments of the National Academy of Sciences.


In addition, professional journals such as Xinhua News Agency , one of the main news sources of the Chinese media, Japan, and the Journal of Clinical Hepatobiliary Diseases have also carried out comprehensive and in-depth reports on this scientific discovery, which shows the importance attached.
















HIME is a biotechnology research and development enterprise with a team of scientists led by Professor HONGBINGZHANG, a Harvard MD, as the core of its technology.


For the targeted therapy of liver cancer discovered this time, the HIME team of scientists is carrying out the product development process in an all-round way. It is expected to develop safer and more targeted biological agents in the short term, and contribute wisdom and strength to human anti-cancer.