Grand Opening of HIME Malaysia

"Explore the territory and win the world together."
HIME Biotechnology Malaysia Branch Grand Opening!

On March 18, 2023, the Malaysian subsidiary of HIME Biotechnology held an opening ceremony to officially launch Malaysian market, adding a strong touch to the global layout of HIME International. More than 200 VIP customers from Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, China, South Korea and other countries gathered at the ceremony.

Director of NEXTEYE and Chairman of HIME Biotechnology Malaysia Mr. Liu Dong Hui, Representative of Korea Trade Corporation (KOTRA) Dr. LEE, Vice Chairman of HIME Biotechnology Malaysia, Ms. Qin Ai Li, CEO of HIME Biotechnology Malaysia Mr. Zhang Guo Qing, Director of NEXTEYE Ms. Han Rui, Marketing Director of NEXTEYE China Ms. Shi Xiang Ping, and other guests attended the opening ceremony.


The Korea Trade Organization (KOTRA) is an agency under the Korean government, which aims to promote economic and trade exchanges between South Korea and overseas regions, and is a bridge between the economies of various countries and the Korean economy. KOTRA has established a Korean overseas trade work network that radiates all over the world. By 2000, it had established 101 Korean trade pavilions in 77 countries and regions overseas, and its international influence is very prominent.

NEXTEYE is a listed company in South Korea. Its main business is semiconductor testing and cosmetics. It has 54 holding and shareholding companies around the world. It is also a project with global advantages that South Korea mainly promotes. NEXTEYE's global business are supported by the Korean Trade Corporation. As a result, HIME Biotechnology has received multiple supports from the Korean government.

HIME headquarter is located in Los Angeles, USA, a corporation invested by the well-known listed company -NEXTEYE. It is a high-tech company oriented on research and development of health biotechnology. The research and development team consists of famous scientists from the United States and scientists from South Korea and Singapore. Possessing the world's three Unique technologies including GeneAKG®, Seaweed Collagen Renewing Dry Mask and Eye Therapy , which are irreplaceable.


IEONA's GeneAKG®: Global Anti-aging - IEONA's GeneAKG®: More than 1,200 published scientific research reports have proved that GeneAKG surpasses NMN and is comparable to an elixir of life. It can not only delay aging but also significantly improve the following diseases and symptoms: High Blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, sequelae of stroke, sequelae of the new crown, etc.

SIMI FLOWER Aesthetic Skincare – Simi Flower Pure plant seaweed collagen face-lifting dry mask: the pinnacle of the mask industry, one use can achieve the effect of a "skin booster needle". Original collagen weaving nano-technology, the best supply of collagen, medical-grade patent [Innovative technology] 30 minutes allows you to return youthful skin to a childlike 3-5 years old.

EYE DIVINE-The world's No. 1 eye health brand series: The only one eye health course that obtained Singapore government subsidies to Singapore citizens to participate in the eye health course. Eyes care therapy with traditional Chinese medicine characteristics, relieves 12 major eye problems, eye fatigue, dry eyes , eye itching, eye pain, myopia, presbyopia, dry eye, epiphora, floaters, cataract, glaucoma, bags under the eyes, dark circles, eye wrinkles. 

To improve human health and quality of life, HIME International perfectly combines the active ingredients from nature with advanced biotechnology to provide the public with products and services with an effective first-class experience. HIME global cross-border e-commerce platform, builds a growth platform and opportunities for everyone who desires to succeed and achieve life goals.