HIME Global Scientists Team

CEO and Chief Scientist of HIME Biotechnology USA.

Dr.Hongbing Zhang, who was awarded the title of Distinguished Professor by CMB, is a world-renowned oncologist and anti-aging expert. He is the main developer and promoter of the most authoritative mTOR life extension mechanism in the world today.

Dr.Hongbing Zhang obtained the Doctoral degree of Medical at the University of Pennsylvania, a postdoctoral fellow at Harvard Medical School, and as a lecturer in Harvard University. At the same time, he also serves as a doctoral supervisor in physiology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences-Peking Union Medical College, and a member of the State Key Laboratory of Medical Molecular Biology.

Current research direction: Study the regulation of cell signal transduction, explore the pathogenesis of disease, early diagnosis, and targeted therapy, and provide a basis for promoting the transformation from basic medicine to clinical medicine and precise treatment of diseases.

Dr.Hongbing Zhang

Hongbing Zhang US Citizen

Dr. Sia Fooladian

Dr. Sia Fooladian
MD, MPH, international sub-health therapist, and active advocate for a holistic, integrated approach to health and wellness.

Dr. Adrian Preda

Dr. Adrian Preda
International psychiatrist, who specializes in adult psychiatry. His clinical and research focus is on schizophrenia and other psychotic disorders, cognitive disorders and clinical trials.

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre

Dr. Zora DeGrandpre
Licensed naturopathic physician with a background in clinical and basic science research. She examined the idiotypic relationships involved in the regulation of T-suppressor cells, a type of regulatory immune cell.

Dr. Richard Gold

Dr. Richard Gold
Psychologist, Ph.D. in Psychology, Chairman of the Board of the International School of Business (IPSB).

Dr Shen Wenxi (신 문 석)

HIME South Korea Chief Scientist

South Korean Citizen
Doctor Shen Wenxi (신 문 석)
CEO and founder of hyaluronic acid manufacturer PRP Science (NEXTEYE investment enterprise) President of the Korean Stem Cell Therapy Society.

Books published:
  1. 《Lira》 22/06/2012 Korean Medicine
  2. 《Filling Manual》 2008.05.30 - Korean Medicine
  3. 《Clinical Application of Fillers》 2004.10.05 - Korean Medicine, the first professional book of hyaluronic acid in Korea.

Dr. Qin Aili

CEO and Chief Scientist of HIME Singapore

Singaporean Citizen
Dr. Qin Aili
CEO and Chief Scientist of HIME Singapore Founder of Eye Divine

Dr. Qin Aili has more than 20 years of working experience and profound attainments in traditional Chinese medicine. Since modern people have become accustomed to "keeping their hands on the machine and eyes on the screen", various eye problems have been bothering everyone. Although there are many eye care products on the market, there is still no complete eye health management system. When more and more people around us have eye problems and seek solutions, Dr. Qin Aili decided to develop a method that can fundamentally improve eye problems from the inside out. So, Dr. Qin led the team through six years of intensive research, and created an original set of "neck to nourish the brain" and "brain to nourish the eyes", The eye health management system of "eye opening and eye brightening" is three-dimensional and three-dimensional. In the research and development of Eye Divine technology, she insisted on taking the meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine as the basis, combined with the five-wheel theory of traditional Chinese medicine ophthalmology, and carried out technical innovation on this basis. At the same time, with the products containing vanilla essence, while detoxifying the internal environment of the eyes, she strengthened the muscle kneading around the eyes, guided the blood to the eyes, and effectively improved the problems of the eyes from the inside out. Really realize the health and beauty of the eyes. Spread the eye health culture, promote the eye care project, and help more people stay away from eye diseases! It is the initial intention of the team to develop Eye Divine technology.