Controlling Shareholder - NEXTEYE

NEXTEYE (137940. KR), founded in 1998 and listed in 2011, is mainly engaged in semiconductor visual inspection, health care products and cosmetics, and financial investment. As of December 31, 2022, NEXTEYE has 38 holding and participating companies worldwide. With the process of globalization, NEXTEYE's business has achieved explosive development and received high attention from the capital market. The highest daily turnover in 2021 will exceed 250 million dollars.

Main Business

The Global Eyesight, high-tech automatic image processing technology replace human eyes.

Perfect International Health Eco-system

The world's largest beauty channel owner - NEXTEYE

Covering sales channels in China, South Korea, Southeast Asia, Japan and the United States With 40000 terminal retail stores and 200 million selected members
  • CHINA : SPA. CS. KA. Department Stores Cross-border Purchase

  • KOREA : SPA. Duty-Free Store

  • USA : Direct Sales

  • JAPAN : Duty Free Shop Direct Selling

  • MALAYSIA : Direct Sales

  • SINGAPORE : SPA. Direct Selling

Investment Holding Company

Korea's top five cosmetics production and R&D institutions, founder of BB cream.
The most authoritative nail company in Korea, with a market share as high as 70%, Leading the fashion trend of Korean nail art.
A Korean hyaluronic acid manufacturer, the only institution that has been approved for the second generation of hyaluronic acid injections.

Financial Investment

NEXTEYE has successively invested or controlled 7 listed companies, invested or managed more than 10 funds, with a total fund size of more than US $1 billion.

The "CITIC Meishang Health Industry Fund", established in cooperation with CITIC Trust, has a fund scale of 6 billion yuan.

Classic Cases

NEXTEYE spin-off holding subsidiary INNOMETRY Co., Ltd (302430. KR) went public. In 2016, INNOMETRY Co., Ltd (302430. KR) It is the world's first X-Ray secondary battery testing equipment company. It only took three years to complete the business from scratch, and IPO listing. The company's valuation increased from 2 million yuan to 2.4 billion yuan, up to 1200 times the commercial miracle.

There were 902 participating institutions at the issue price (original shares) before the listing of INNOMETRY Co., Ltd, with a subscription ratio of 765:1. When NEXTEYE partially exits in 2020, it will obtain 440 times of investment return.