In animal tests, GeneAKG significantly outlives the longevity medicine NMN, extending life by an average of 8.5 years, with the highest life extension reaching 34 years.
Discovered the role and mechanism causing abnormal metabolism in liver cancer cells, suggested the direction of targeted therapy:β-conjugated proteins, AKT2 and pyrimidine synthesis inhibitors, received approval from the US FDA for Phase I human clinical studies, and became the talk of the world’s medical media.
Skincare, Cosmetic Surgery, Medicine: 100% purified hyaluronic acid biomimetic cryogenic technology, currently the only approved injectable formulation for human use in all of Asia.
Beauty BioTechnology
Advanced Beauty-Tech: Collagen freeze-dried nanomembrane weaving technology instantly activates upon contact with water, enhancing skin absorption and providing an instant lift.